Not a Lady Anymore
Chapter: 11
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Reincarnated as Louis XVI, I want to stop the French Revolution with all my might and live happily ever after with Antoinette
Chapter: 5
Reincarnated as Louis XVI I want to stop the French Revolution with all my might and live happily ever after with Antoinette manga, Rui 16-sei Ni Tensei Shite Shimatta Ore Wa France Kakumei O Zenryoku De Soshi Shite Antoinette To Suenagaku O Shiawase Ni Kurashitai. A man addicted to history simulation games, in his 30s, single. One day, while drinking and playing games, He suddenly became sleep...
Honey Bear 〘Mature Official〙
Chapter: 14
Moon Geonwoo’s first love comes crashing into him smelling like the sweetest cookie around! After learning he’s a new bakery owner in town named Yoo Hajin, Geonwoo asks him for a part-time job in the hopes of winning over his heart. Unfortunately, his plan is doomed from the start as Hajin is completely done with relationships now. But a little pushback is hardly an issue for the ace judo athle...
Adult Comedy Manhwa Mature Smut Yaoi
I Changed The Villain
Chapter: 0
I Changed The Villain I called the worst criminal who would kill me ‘baby wolf’. I was possessed as a supporting character in a novel who was killed early on by the main villain. But the villain said something like this. “You are graceful like a deer roaming the mountains.” I really want to live and die like a stone on the road, but… this villain has no intention of killing me.
Historical Josei Manhwa Romance
The World of SKK Girls
Chapter: 0
In a mysterious world devoid of humans, Katana, Saya, and Kodachi are three inseparable friends. Their days are filled with laughter and games in the eerie quiet. But beneath this calm, an obscure presence lurks in the shadows…?! From the creator of “Muto to Sato,” Akatsuka-sensei, comes a new, uncharted adventure—innocence meets mystery in a world unknown!
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