Dealing with Demons
Chapter: 0
Dealing with Demons When Dokyung, disillusioned by the harshness of life, finally resolves to call it quits, a bored demon, Hwamyung, appears before her with a particular offer. Will Dokyung, having entered into a contract with the Demon of Disillusionment, be able to flip her disastrous life upside down?
Drama Manhwa Romance Supernatural
Dirty High
Chapter: 5
Joshua is an outstanding lawyer, but his workaholism has caused him to break up his marriage. The only good news in his life is the change of cleaning company at his disgruntled law firm. After a busy day waiting for the new cleaner, Joshua is greeted by Angel, his one-night stand from a drunken night out. “By the way, are you…. good?” Can he trust his cleaning to this seeming...
Adult Drama Manhwa Mature Romance Smut Yaoi
Hololive - Holoearth Chronicles Side:E ~Yamato Phantasia~
Chapter: 0
Come enter the world of hololive Alternative, an alternate universe fantasy project starring your favorite hololive VTubers!This story has been lovingly brought to life by manga artist and hololive superfan Kurose Kousuke, of Goblin Slayer fame!In the land of Yamato, humans live alongside kami. In the mountains near the city of Miyako sits Shirakami Shrine, where a certain kami has taken up res...
Action Comedy Fantasy Shounen
The Princess Has a Rosy Dream
Chapter: 0
"She" was supposed to have fallen into eternal sleep. However, a sudden accident woke her up, and "he" find "herself" reincarnated in a game "he" was playing when "he" was alive."I" have reincarnated as my own character, a beautiful vampire princess, and while surrounded by her demon underlings that "I" raised in the game, "I" ended up reigning at the top of a demon empire...!
Action Fantasy Romance
Kyuuseishu no Ikinokori
Chapter: 0
In order to stop the invasion of the demons and seal the evil god which has been resurrected after a thousand years, Grey embarks on a journey together with his sister, Fiona, and his comrades. At the end of their journey, they were facing the evil god, and all of his comrades including his little sister were killed because of the evil god.Being the only survivor of the journey, Grey was hailed...
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