Pervert General Manager – RAW
Chapter: 24
A full-fledged reading room comic fantasy featuring Do Ae-soo (the heroine)’s metamorphosis to sublimate her unrequited love into her first love. In the end, he confidently passed S University, but after hearing the news that timid Han had decided to try again, he suddenly took a leave of absence, returned to the reading room, and entered the reading room to make a surprise confession to ...
Adult Romance Drama Josei
Show Me Your Sensuality – RAW
Chapter: 10
After being struck by lightning, women’s erogenous zones began to appear! “I can’t stand it, put it in now!” But you say that each color of light has a different sensation!? Sticky events start to happen in a small life
Adult Mature Romance Harem Seinen Smut
My Teacher Wants To Make Me Happy
Chapter: 49
The handsome president meets the lonely TV host (Sly Old Fox x Little Horse) Xing Ming was an outstanding med student who changed careers and entered the media industry, earning the title “Ice Prince”. For the sake of clearing his father’s name, he sacrificed his own body to climb the social ladder. When he opened that room door, however, what awaited him was…
Tsurumaki-Sensei No Sakka Seikatsu
Chapter: 6
The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised. not found…
Haru Kakete, Uguisu
Chapter: 6
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