I Want A Taste
Chapter: 1
Ho-Chan who visits Somang Enterprise after receiving their business card, was greeted with the Manager’s ample bust inside the rundown company? “Ho-Chan, aren’t you curious what’s inside my panties?”.  Already being seduced by Da-Som and now… from an older woman with a supple body to a fresh 20 year-old… is this the life’s best restaurant?!
Romance Harem Drama
Intimate Family Raw
Chapter: 1
"Da-He-Man" He was adopted by a rich family when he was a child, he was the son of that house, but little by little he became more like a servant to everyone. Now, when he sees 'Nayeon', the only member of the family who treats him warmly, he turns into a strong young man whose heart beats very fast. On the other hand, the beautiful sisters and stepmother who often bullied and teased hi...
Harem Manhwa Romance
Let's Go Taste It Raw
Chapter: 6
Ho-chan visited Hope's company on the business card in her hand. Is it the manager's voluptuous breasts that greet him in a ragged look? "Ho-chan, aren't you curious what's in my panties?" Also, he seduces his girlfriend Dasom… From a full-bodied mature to a fresh twenty-something… Is this the best restaurant in your life!?
Harem Manhwa Romance
100% Love Gage
Chapter: 0
Kim Yi-Han, a fan of BL Games, plays a game that is gaining popularity due to its beautiful characters, immersive storyline, and for its free position selection.Yi-Han’s favorite character is the mint-handsome, Mikaros. One day, a mint-handsome Mikaros look-alike appears right in front of Yi-Han! Can Kim Yi-Han be able to play with Mikaros in real life?
Romance Comedy Yaoi Webtoon
King’s Maker Triple Crown Mature Version
Chapter: 56
Wolfgang achieves the triple crown of throne, love and revenge. Shin Soo-hyuk supplements Wolfgang in the position of the treasurer, and Wolfgang pours an offensive affection on him, but draws a line thinking that he regards himself as a spoil, and the relationship between the two is shaken. To make matters worse, a group who opposes the precarious Hwangwon is aiming for Wolfgang….. Can W...
Romance Yaoi Smut Historical Fantasy
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