Let the Saintess Be Selfish
Chapter: 1
Let the Saintess Be Selfish At the age of sixteen, Lillia awakened to her Holy powers and became the Saintess. Surprisingly, she retained memories of being a Saintess in her previous life as well. Fueled by frustration from the mistreatment she endured in her past life and the strict rules of the Temple, she vows to live her new life as she pleases once again as the Saintess. As if guided by fa...
Manga Mystery Romance Shoujo
20-Year-Old College Jocks
Chapter: 1
20-Year-Old College Jocks After breaking up with an irredeemable trash of an ex-boyfriend, the only thing Hyemin is lacking is sex. Normally, she wouldn’t even look at a dating app, but the younger guy she met there brought a friend to their meeting place. “‘Is it okay if we do it with the three of us, noona?’ “Isn’t that only possible in videos? …I don...
Manhwa Adult Mature Romance Webtoon
Love Online
Chapter: 19
Love Online How can one post online turn the life of Christopher, a happy-go-lucky high school student, upside down? His love of movies and tv shows takes him to an online message board where he meets and starts to develop feelings for the illusive and untraceable Lucas19. Tired of not knowing who he is talking to, Christopher tries to sleuth his way around the internet to find out, but much to...
Fill Me With Love ‘Til I Can’t Live Without It
Chapter: 2
Fill Me With Love ‘Til I Can’t Live Without It “I’ll show you the pleasure of receiving another’s devotion.” A widow-like, needy man is passionately wooed by a charismatic foreigner!? I’m being loved so much, I could melt…
Manga Webtoon
A Secret Contract And The Stallion Sage
Chapter: 1
Read  manga A Secret Contract And The Stallion Sage A world where people live in fear of magical beasts… Nobles with magical powers are known as “noble sorcerers” and they use their magic to destroy the beasts. Stella, the only daughter of Count Norris, should have died after marrying the violent Ethan Elliott and being locked in his cellar. But when she opened her eyes, she h...
Fantasy Manga Romance Webtoon
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