Long Period
Chapter: 3
The more I want it gone, the more it won't disappear.
The Villainess's Daughter
Chapter: 46
Born as the daughter of a villainess, Daphne lived her entire life hated by everyone she's ever crossed paths with. After her mother's pitiful death, Daphne knows that a similar fate awaits her—but what did she ever do to deserve it? Why does she have to be branded as a wicked child when she's done no wrong? In order to survive, Daphne will have to take her life into her own hands...but will sh...
Mobyama Aji to Mobtani Crou no Kareinaru Nichijou e no Chousen
Chapter: 2
Is there a way to escape the life of a background character? Mobuyama “Eiji” A-Ji and Mobuyama “Shiro” C-ro have lived their entire lives as nothing more than “extras” to other people’s stories. It can’t end like this, right? There must be a way out! Both sharing a common goal will try anything that allows them to change their destiny, ANYTHING.
The Cold Commander by Day Cries in My Arms at Night
Chapter: 43
The commander of the Federal Empire should meet, cold hegemony and not close, which Gu Weilan has always been impressed by the boss. Until a star war damage, with the ship doctor
12 O’Clock Marionette
Chapter: 2
Read manhwa 12 O’Clock Marionette “Disciplining the villain and saving the world.” The villain who will lead to the world’s destruction, “Cruelo.” I have been tasked with disciplining him. But I have failed repeatedly! Now, there is only about a year left until the world is destroyed… In the third attempt, I took on the form of “Siora Velvet” to replace Cruelo’s fiancée! I will succeed this tim...
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