SEDUCTION : Doll Castle
Chapter: 32
I loved my brother’s wife who died 7 years ago… And now, she has returned…!
Drama Mature Romance
Pearl Boy
Chapter: 51
Doosik, a broke homeless boy encounters a gay restaurant and tried to eat a meal without paying but inevitably returns to the restaurant to pay for it. He saw things he shouldn see there!! Watch the interaction between the unmannered but great master Kang Doo-sik, tough but honest Jin Ju-has hot encounter! There lay a secret.. Will Doosik be able to discover what kind of person Jin Juha is?
Smut Yaoi
Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later
Chapter: 18
One day, KangWoo suddenly fell into Hell, with only a strong desire to survive and the Authority of Predation on him. All the way from the 1st to the 9th Hell, he devoured hundreds of thousands of demons, until even the Seven Archdukes finally knelt before him. “Why do you wish to return? Do you not already possess everything in Hell, my lord?” “What exactly is it that I have?...
Action Fantasy
+99 Wooden stick
Chapter: 25
Welcome to “Chrono Life,” a virtual reality game where only the strongest survive. Jiu logs in to “Chrono Life,” only to be ignored and ridiculed by the other players for his lack of experience, crappy items, and being an overall noob. But when he upgrades his wooden stick to the max reinforcement level of +99, Ji-u realizes he has the power to split continents and slay ...
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