Heroic Complex
Chapter: 113
Is he the heroine? Is she the hero? A romantic comedy about the secret identities of a high school boy who's been transformed into a battle girl and a high school girl who transforms into a super warrior! Романтическая комедия о супергероях с сюрпризом.
Meikyuu Black Company
Chapter: 38.2
A man tried hard living up to his motto "I don't want to work" - Ninomiya Kinja, was summoned to a different world and forced to work in harsh environments with low wages, and long hours
Kurosaki-kun wa Dokusen Shitagaru - Hajimete no Koi wa Ama sugite
Chapter: 4
"I want you, Moka..." There's a popular guy in class, and he can't stand the way the other girls look at him. The only girl he wants all for himself... is the plain girl sitting in the seat in front of him?! Moka Asano is your average high school girl, and sitting behind her is Izumi Kurosaki. Kurosaki's the captain of the soccer team, and is so popular that the neighboring schools have fan clu...
Death To Dignity
Chapter: 1
Read manhwa Death To Dignity on Bibimanga Once thriving but now facing financial ruin, Jang Solbi becomes the secretary of Choi Seokyoon, the chairman of a powerful corporation. Grateful for the support during her family’s hardship, she works tirelessly to repay their debt. However, following the loss of her parents, Solbi uncovers the dark truth behind their tragedy and seeks revenge ag...
Adult Drama Manhwa Mature Romance Webtoon
A Friendship So Impure
Chapter: 10
Siyoung and Jiho have been friends for a very long time, however… “Friends? You’ve been my girl from the start. The only woman who made me feel lust.” The night when I was betrayed by my boyfriend a chilling pleasure spread in Jiho’s eyes, who I thought was my friend… became my lover?
Adult Drama Josei Romance Smut
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