Chronicles of a Returner
Chapter: 52
The worst talent that no one can compete with. Unstoppable Demon God, Dan Uhyeon. A thousand years after being sealed for the misdeed. A thousand years was enough to get rid of Dan Uhyeon’s sense of superiority. A world that has changed, solitude with no one knows, and the only thing left is despondency and emptiness. “Time goes like the wind. There’s really nothing left.” A little girl who app...
Action Comedy Drama Fantasy Manhwa
Entangled With The Prince
Chapter: 290
You’re Reading “Entangled With The Prince ” Comics on Thanks! Synopsis it is doubly pathetic to land in a coffin and became a transgender geek after the Time Travel. ” the days after a Time Travel is so dramatic!” Lin Han cried. — the romance between a funny girl playing tricks in man’s suit and a handsome prince flipping from acting cool to affectonate.
Comedy Romance
Machine Uprising
Chapter: 53
Yeong-gi Han, a high school goalkeeper promising to lose his arm in a car accident, participates in a clinical trial of SC Bio and receives a medical transplant. Then one day the virus called "mechanism" spreads in the world, and unknown beings begin to chase the spirit. In a moment of crisis, a mysterious woman saves him and eternally tells her the truth of all these momentsMachine Era,,,manga...
Action Fantasy Manhwa
Nureru to Ookiku Naru Onna no Ko
Chapter: 7
Nureru to Ookiku Naru Onna no Ko summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of Nureru to Ookiku Naru Onna no Ko. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
Fake Hero
Chapter: 178
What could a mechanical repairman do? What could a special scout do? What could a military staff do? A person who could combine three professions, and even master psychology tricks and assassin camouflage, however, was a wretched, despicable and fat man.
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